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Thom Browne Marble House Reviews

Despite its name, Thom Browne Marble House is a family-run business that offers both menswear and childrenswear. It’s an architecture fanatic with a particular love of mid-century and Georgian design.

It’s An Architecture Nut With A Particular Taste For Midcentury And Georgian Design

Having just spent a weekend at the venerable Sutton Place in Manhattan’s uptown district, I was more than a little impressed by the slick design and the plethora of notable names in fashion, philanthropy like Marble House, and entertainment. I say plethora, because I was able to count at least a dozen notable occupants, many of whom were in a suitably stylish swagger worthy state of mind. Having said that, I did get a few odd looks with Marble House, some of which were not necessarily positive, if not downright insulting. I’ll spare you the details. I did not expect to be a pampered princess, but that was not to be. And let’s be honest, this isn’t the most glamorous of jobs, but one that I am happy to have.

It’s A Gray-Walled Corridor With A Gray Terrazzo Floor

ASA studio albanese snagged the honors for the construction of the aforementioned Thom Browne Marble House. The 1,350 square foot space was designed to look like the interior of a mid-century modern office. As you might expect, the space incorporated plenty of the Mid-century modern’s most notable architectural features, namely: exposed brick and reclaimed lumber. The space also features a small but mighty mezzanine with a nifty terrazzo floor and a pair of regal chandeliers.

Interestingly, the space has a pair of swooping staircases, one on each floor. The space also boasts a pair of glass doors whose nifty name badge is the aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned.

It’s A Family Run Business Marble House

Until a few years ago, Thom Browne was a tiny made-to-measure business on West 12th Street in New York City’s Meatpacking District. He began producing schoolboy suits for a small, elite group of clients.

In 2010, Thom Browne Marble House was approached by the Swedish fashion company, Supreme, to design a collection. Eventually, Thom Browne Marble House became the men’s designer for the label. He created a line of outerwear for the company, including a line of Moncler Gamme Bleu. He also collaborated with Supreme on chambray oxford shirts with the brand’s iconic underline labeling.

Eventually, Thom Browne expanded the line to womenswear, and in 2011, he added accessories. Thom Browne’s designs are always elaborate and bizarre. He has a particular taste for Georgian design.

It’s A Fourth-Wall-Breaking Theater Piece

Amongst all the buzz, snark and snootiness that goes with a New York City designer’s wares, there is one piece of apparel that stands out, albeit for a variety of reasons. In the realm of clothing, tweed kilts and tweed shirts make an appearance in Thom Browne’s latest collection. He also has an affinity for mid-century modern design. In his home, a black marble hearth abounds.

A brief tour of his home reveals that he has been more than a little obsessive in his quest to decorate. From the carpet to the wall art, to the rugs and the carpets, browne is not the kind of designer to settle for just one room. His home reveals the trifecta of a study, a library and a living room.

It’s A Menswear Show

Despite being a relative newcomer on the American ready-to-wear scene, Thom Browne Marble House is a household name. The designer has a long track record of pushing the boundaries of menswear. His work has been recognized by the National Design Award, and he has built a successful business based on a neo-modernist take on traditional menswear.

Thom Browne’s Marble House first menswear collection was in 2001. After working for Club Monaco and Ralph Lauren, he decided to start his own line. It was a response to the demand for suits. His first stockists were Colette in Paris.

Today, Thom Browne is still working with the same tailor. His suits are narrow, cropped, and made from boxy proportions. The signature lock loop is made by the legendary Rocco Ciccarelli.

It’s A Childrenswear Show

During Paris Fashion Week, Thom Browne New York announced the launch of a childrenswear line. It will be sold in select wholesale accounts and online. The collection is comprised of the brand’s signature styles, including oxford shirts, cardigans, and medium-gray super 120s wool twill suits.

Thom Browne’s Marble House New York headquarters have an austere design, with gray marble walls, a vintage desk, and fluorescent lights. White blinds obscure glass doors and desks.

Thom Browne’s Marble House New york headquarters have a small vintage desk and vintage chair. He wears a crisp white shirt and a light gray cardigan vest.

Thom Browne’s Marble House latest childrenswear campaign features a surrealist style. The campaign’s four-stripe sleeve motif and Thom Browne socks are part of a campaign that’s fun and whimsical.