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Jacques Marie Mage Sunglasses Details

While he is French by birth, Jacques Marie Mage feels a deep connection to American mythology and has recently relocated to Jackson Hole, Wyo. The region has always fascinated the artist, so in September he made the decision to move there part-time. He now creates sunglasses in partnership with the nonprofit Yellowstone Forever, which supports the Yellowstone National Park. He also works with organizations that help wildlife and protect the environment, such as Living With Wolves.

Jacques Marie Mage is a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of limited-edition designer goods

Jacques Marie Mage is a Los-Angeles-based manufacturer of limited edition designer goods that focus on eyewear. The brand’s artisanal eyewear is created using innovative production techniques, precious materials, and ethical business practices. The company’s eyewear is love by celebrities including Jeff Goldblum, LeBron James, and Haley Bieber. Each pair of spectacles is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The brand also incorporates historic motifs with a contemporary sensibility.

Jerome Mage has been designing eyewear for the past 20 years. During that time, he has been able to sculpt a unique niche between fashion, sport, and design. His interests have led him to create Jacques Marie Mage, Inc. The brand produces exclusive, limited-edition designer glasses that demonstrate the brand’s sense of luxury. Some of its eyewear models are limit to only 50 pairs, and prices range from $495 to $1075.

Jacques Marie Mage’s eyewear is manufacturing with 300-step process by almost 100 artisans. The company supports these artisans through fair-trade benefits and fair wages.

Its Frames are Make in Cellulose Acetate or Aerodynamic, Streamlined Titanium

Designed by Jerome Jacques, these eyeglasses are a unique combination of his past and present interests. He took his inspiration from icons such as Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, and Olympia Mancini, a 17th century aristocrat famous for her plots to kill her husband. The designer even designed a pair of chunky frames in the spirit of Dennis Hopper.

Jacques Marie Mage eyeglasses are selling in limited editions and are highly collectible pieces. Each piece is unique and takes 18 months to create. Founded in 2014, this eponymous designer’s eyewear collection includes aerodynamic titanium sunglasses, chunky cellulose acetate frames, and bold geometric shapes.

Its lenses are in impenetrable black

Jacques Marie Mage, a French designer who started her eyewear line in 2015, has a unique take on sunglasses. While the name is a mouthful, the sunglasses are both eye-catching and stylish. Manufacture of chunky cellulose acetate or aerodynamic titanium, the sunglasses are fram with opaque black lenses. The sleek and classic frames are punctuat by sterling silver hardware. The arrowhead studs and the lens rims are both unique, but the overall effect is classic.

Each pair of Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses comes packaged in a silk presentation box. The sunglasses also come with a leather sleeve and cleaning cloth. The packaging also includes a history of the brand and the story behind the frames. The lenses are manufacture of titanium and acetate and the frames are make in an independent facility. Each pair of glasses is handmade and numbered. Even the tiny details are meticulously detail. For example, the red tips on the side of each bayonet mimic the rear taillight of a 1959 Coupe de Ville.