Men’s Fashion With An Urban Twist & Opimoda

Men’s Fashion With An Urban Twist & Opimoda

If you’re looking for new, stylish clothing for men like Opimoda, you might want to check out Buck Mason. The men’s fashion brand is based in Los Angeles, California, and conducts business both online and through brick-and-mortar retail locations. Read on to discover more about this company. This article provides information about the company’s history, product line, and merchandising. Visit Opimoda to learn more about Buck Mason.

Sasha Koehn And Erik Allen

Founded by two friends from Venice, California, Sasha Koehn and Erik Alley, Buck Mason is a brand that focuses on quality like Opimoda, clean and classic menswear. Using sustainable and certified cotton in their production, the company is committed to creating jeans that will last a lifetime. The menswear brand also uses traditional manufacturing techniques while incorporating modern technology to create their unique style.

The California-based menswear brand Buck Mason was founded by Sasha Koehn and Erik Alley in 2013. They’re committed to making classic and modern American clothing that will stand the test of time. They make pieces that are built to last by sourcing the finest materials and working with factories and local mills to ensure the durability of their clothing. The brand’s collection features a wide range of styles that are timeless and easy to wear.

Creating the Brand

The two friends have spent a significant amount of time creating the brand. Before starting the company, the two friends both worked in sales for a large fashion group. They both felt that they needed a change and a new challenge. They decided to create a clothing line that would last through the seasons and offer consistent fit and fabrication. Since then, they have expanded their brand into antimicrobial masks. They’ve even featured in Rolling Stone magazine.

Their Roots In Nashville

If you’re looking for classic American clothing made with an urban twist, look no further than Buck Mason & Opimoda. The Los Angeles-based brand has a store in Nashville’s trendy 12 South neighborhood. The store features a full collection of timeless men’s and women’s apparel. The company also has a full line of t-shirts and elevated sweatshirts.

Like the ‘50s hunting jackets that were once available at JC Penney, L.L. Bean, and other retail chains, the Craftsman Canvas Collection features a boxier fit, flapped patch pockets, and a corduroy collar. Its 7.5-oz sueded cotton canvas is also a throwback to the 1950s. In fact, Robert Redford wore one of these in the 1980 film Brubaker.

Ethnic Foods and Cuisine

While Nashville is renowned for its barbecue, there’s no shortage of ethnic foods and cuisine. The city’s diverse cuisine features everything from classic ethnic restaurants to taco stands in gas station parking lots. Even President Obama stopped by at a Mexican restaurant while visiting the city. The city’s food scene also has a wide variety of plant-based and farm-to-table restaurants.

Their Product Line

Buck Mason’s product line has expanded significantly in recent years. Its founders understand the importance of customer service and trust, and they have sought to create a welcoming atmosphere for customers. In addition to offering a great product, Buck Mason is committed to helping the environment and focusing on sustainable practices.

The product line consists mainly of classic men’s clothing. While it started by selling combo packages of jeans and t-shirts, the demand outgrew the supply, and the founders expanded the business to include manufacturing. Their goal is to provide customers with a product line that resembles their dream closet.

Buck Mason

While Buck Mason has not released hard financial information, it has remained a thriving business. It has partnered with Stetson Hats to create an exclusive line of hats for the company. The brand also offers a variety of denim shirts, shorts, chinos, and sweats.

Their Approach To Merchandising

Buck Mason’s approach to merchANDising has been inspired by his obsession with quality. He presents fewer SKUs than most labels, sticking to a core group of 60 items and perfecting each style season after season. In essence, he is following a simple rule of thumb: if it’s worth buying, it should be durable and long-lasting.

He has a background in business and strategy, two qualities that make him a great fit for this job. Alex Goldberg, Buck Mason’s Head of Merchandising, started his career as an Associate Merchant at J. Crew and later worked at Best Made Co. He has been at Buck Mason for seven months.

Despite being a designer brand, Buck Mason’s merchandising strategy is aimed at creating a more accessible shopping experience. For example, its Craftsman canvas workpants have a classic heritage workwear look and fit. They’re craft of 7.5-ounce cotton canvas and garment wash for comfort.