Alla Violetta Boutique Perfume Review

Alla Violetta Boutique Perfume Review

Pure Sensual Orchid

If you’re looking for a beautiful, exotic fragrance like Alla Violetta Boutique you should consider buying Pure Sensual Orchid. This 100ml/3.4 oz bottle of pure parfum costs $225. While it isn’t cheap, it is still cheaper than many niche fragrances.

Pure Alla Violetta BoutiqueSensual Orchid is a floral-musk scent with musky undertones. Alla Violetta Boutique’s scent is quite strong in its first two hours, but it becomes smooth and mellower as it wears on. By the sixth hour, you’ll find that you’re wearing a soft cloud of fragrance. Pure Sensual Orchid is the perfect scent for women who like a sophisticated scent without being overpowering.

floral heart

The floral heart notes of Pure Sensual Orchid (Alla Violetta Boutique) play with modern materials. Almond and heliotrope blend with peony and white cedar to bring out the sweetness of the flower. Labdanum and ylang-ylang are both aphrodisiacs, and a touch of amber will prolong your addiction until the early morning hours.

Sensual Orchid has a muskiness to it, which feels a little like your skin has been heated. The fragrance is layer and shimmers, so the scent will last a long time on your skin. A good match for a romantic weekend getaway to St. Barts, this perfume will make you feel like a princess.

Among the four types of Pure Sensual Orchid, the Flamingo Beach type is compose of strawberries, raspberries, oranges, and musk. The other types include the Library and the Twisted Peppermint types. The first one contains vanilla and peppermint, while the second contains lemon and vanilla.

Pardon di Nasomatto

Nasomatto’s Pardon is a woody fragrance for men. Created by perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri, the scent is rich with oud and wood notes, with bitter undertones. Other notes include tonka and dark chocolate.

The Nasomatto project is dedicated to creating unique fragrances that evoke a man’s charm and elegance. The fragrances are produced in small batches at the Nasomatto laboratory and are exclusive to the webstore. If you’re looking for a gift for a man or just want to pamper yourself, this boutique is a great place to look.