A Complete Guide to Buying a Long-Arm Quilting Machine

A Complete Guide to Buying a Long-Arm Quilting Machine

Are you a passionate sewer with sewing machine? Do you love stitching quilts? If you are planning to take your creative skills further ahead, a long-arm quilting machine should be on your must-have list of models you prefer.

If you want to come out of the limitations of your sewing machine, search for models of long-arm quilting machines for the best buy. Unfortunately, you will feel overwhelmed by the dozens of different models available in the market. Try to get a grasp of a few models and study their features to get a hold of which machine will fit your needs. From what it seems, the buying process may get a little tricky and take more time. But sewing machines are expensive and you won’t change the model often. That is why you need to take your time to decide what is best for you.

Here is what you need to know to take the best pick when buying a long-arm quilting sewing machine for sale.

Tips to buy a long-arm quilting sewing machine

·         Effortless sewing

Have you been sewing for a long time but still looking for a model that makes sewing effortless? How about a machine that gives you less trouble in terms of maintenance? A long arm quilting machine is easy to operate and comes packed with smart features just what is needed to complete sewing much faster. Why don’t you explore Janome sewing machines in Canada? Study the features of various models before you decide which one to buy.

·         Improved quality of stitches with latest sewing machine

You are buying a new sewing machine to improve the quality of stitches and to rev up the speed of your work. You won’t prefer discovering any defect later, so make sure you operate it in length and breadth in the store to make sure that it operates perfectly. Try to test the machine in straight lines and loops. That way, will be surer to understand whether the needle bar can be adjusted at a perfect height. With loops, you can screen the consistency of the stitches. If you are not feeling satisfied with the quality of the stitches, you probably need to switch to a different make or model for a better outcome.

·         The reputation of the store

The reputation of the store where you visit to explore Janome sewing machines may make a big difference.  Not all of them stock the latest models and what’s more have in-store cleaning and maintenance services. Generally, a sewing machine store must have a good stock of different models for customers to explore a lot before they can buy.

If you are searching for a store in the Okanagan region, Linda’s Quilt Shoppe is the store you can trust blindfolded. They sell a wide range of new and used sewing machines and are in this business for ages. Try to track the products they stock and stay abreast with the latest information they publish on Facebook before you buy.

·         Hone your sewing skills

Is it the first time that you are buying a long-arm quilting machine?  Try to find out if the store from where you are planning to buy offers facilities for training and support. If you are passionate about sewing, it would be a good opportunity to hone your skills.

·         Consider the size of the machine

The head size of the sewing machine is one of the aspects you need to consider when buying a long-arm quilting model. Small models may limit your quilting capabilities whereas the large models are of higher capacities. Moreover, the size of the table you choose to accomplish the quilting tasks may also make a big difference. Make sure the quilts don’t sag easily.

·         Check the features of Sewing Machine

You need to check the features of the machine carefully to find out whether it can benefit your efforts. Suppose you want to insert the needle at the right place and want to make sure everything is right. But suddenly a lack of light seems to be a major hurdle. Try to analyse the features that are useful in your case so that you know which model to invest in.

·         Maintenance of the Sewing Machine

Planning to buy a sewing machine model like the Janome Coverpro 3000? Do you know about the model? One reason you need to know the model is that it will aid in repairing the parts later. Does the machine require oil? Do you need to change the needle often? Ask yourself some basic questions to find out which model is more appropriate in your case when viewed from the point of view of maintenance.

Buying a long-arm quilting machine won’t be that easy the first time. Apart from researching the features of various sewing machines, you need to judge the customer service of the store from where you buy to make sure that they hear you for the kind of support you need.